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Acne Clearing Program

Bring the FIGHT to your acne

  1. Three

  2. Easy

  3. Steps

Step 1: Consultation & 1st Treatment

Customize Your Plan



During your first visit, you will complete a detailed skin questionnaire and your skin will be evaluated to determine the type of acne you have, products that you will use and the best in-office treatments for your type of acne. You will receive treatments every two weeks until your acne clears.


An Acne Clearing Program folder with information on how to manage your acne, lifestyle changes that may need to be made and several resources to keep you clear will be given to you on your first appointment. You will receive your first treatment and products will need to be purchased.  Your full sized products will cost $185-230 pretax and will last approx 2.5 months. When your products run out additional product purchase is required to remain on the program. Plan on 60-75 minutes for your first visit.

Step 2: Treatments

The Work Begins



You will receive treatments every two weeks which will include a hydrating treatment with extractions and/or a peel with extractions including a high frequency antibacterial treatment.  Treatments twice a month are necessary so that I can provide you with extractions to accelerate the healing process and aid in the removal of surfacing acne.

Most clients clear within 3-4 months.


LED light therapy may be used as well.  Lifestyle issues that affect acne such as diet, stress, medication, supplements, illness and makeup will be discussed.  Please understand that this program works for those willing to make changes if needed as related to diet, makeup and adherence to product usage twice a day.

Step 3: Maintenance

Preserving Healthy Skin



Your maintenance program will be tailored as well to accommodate your specific skin issues. The amount of time spent in the maintenance phase depends on the amount and severity of scaring you’ve experienced. The maintenance program is optional, but highly recommended to aid in the removal of hyper pigmentation and scaring left from acne. You’ve gotten this far so let’s get your skin as flawless as possible! Regular maintenance treatments can be as often as every month or every 3 months. Continue using the non pore clogging products that got you clear so you'll continue to stay clear.
Other treatment modalities will be discussed such as stronger peels, Dermafile Resurfacing Treatment, Microdermabrasion and the Rezenerate Nano Facial Treatment.

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