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Success Stories

"I could not be luckier to have found someone as amazing as Denise! I came to her for skin care after years of dealing with bad acne and persistent breakouts. Reeling from numerous unsuccessful treatments (ranging from topical meds from my doctor to monthly facials) for my skin, I was convinced that I could never outgrow my acne. However, within the first two weeks of an acne treatment program with Denise, I saw improvement in my skin. Over a few months, my pimples began to fade, my scarring reduced, my skin produced fewer blackheads, and my face had never looked so clear! A year after beginning treatment with Denise, and my acne is about 95% gone. I no longer feel like I am obscured by my bad skin; instead, I am confident in myself and eternally grateful to Denise for her phenomenal abilities and kind, gracious personality"

-K.M. Sunnyvale, CA

“Denise knows skincare! 
I found Denise by searching for aestheticians that serve teens. Face It Beautiful popped up and my son and I have been clients for the past 8 months. Denise taught my son which products to use and how to care for his skin. His skincare routine and the monthly teen facials he receives has made a big difference in his skin. 
I had the pleasure of having 2 facials with Denise. They are a truly pampering and relaxing experience and my skin looks great for weeks afterward. I highly recommend Face It Beautiful!”

– E.L. Santa Clara, CA

“Loved it! I have had facials before, but none like this. I left glowing. Even my husband noticed. And it’s rare for him to notice things like that. My facial exceed my expectations. I highly recommend going to Face It Beautiful. Denise is fabulous. Everything was explained to me and in a way that I could understand. It was so relaxing, I think I may have dozed off a time or two : ) The products and starter kit are great. I’ve never really been into skincare but the products & directions are so easy, plus my skin looks great, so why not. Enough said, you’re just going to have to try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Denise my skin is beautiful!”

– J. P. San Jose, CA

“I have had 2 facials by Denise and I must say it was not only a relaxing experience, but my skin has really improved. The entire experience was totally relaxing and Denise is very skilled and professional. I recommend to anyone who is interested in both a relaxing experience and the benefit of great skin care to come see Denise. Thanks for a great facial experience!”

– S.C. San Jose, CA

“It was a complete pleasure having a facial treatment done by Denise. I was very uneasy at first having somebody’s hands on and around my face. However, Denise made my visit an enjoyable and relaxing one. She did such a great job identifying my specific skin care needs and was very attentive to what I wanted. She exceeded my expectations with the level of service she provided. She is a “people” person and makes sure that her clients are satisfied with the end result! I would definitely go back to her for my skincare needs and any other beauty services that she provides.”

– V.S. Fresno, CA

“First off, I had never had a facial before. Friends had told me I should try it sometime.  Being a man, I thought this was more of a women’s treatment. I went to Denise Ivers for my first facial treatment. I was a bit nervous at first, but Denise made me feel right at home with her great personality. She went over and explained very well to me the process she would be doing. Afterwards, I found that I really enjoyed it. My face felt very refreshed and even rejuvenated.  It was definitely a very positive experience for me. Since then, I have gone back for another facial as well as a back cleansing treatment. Denise has truly impressed me with how much she cares about my needs, making me feel both very comfortable and relaxed. She does a wonderful job, and my face feels it. Thank you very much Denise!”

– M.D. Aptos, CA

“Dear Denise, just this note to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent facial with you.  You were very gentle, yet thorough. You made me feel SO relaxed. I appreciated you letting me know what you were going to do before doing it. My husband saw that my face was so smooth and clear after just one treatment. I will definitely be back, and I will highly recommend you to friends and family who are looking for a wonderful facial experience.”

– A.F. Cupertino, CA

“The music begins, softly, gently, caressing your mind, soothing, refreshing.  Like cool water on a hot summer’s day. The feeling is relaxing and absorbing; every inch of your scalp happy and excited like fingers running through your hair. And that’s when you realize that it isn’t the music. That’s just the backdrop, but it is Denise and her magic and she takes you on a trip to a wonderful place you’ve never been before but want to return again and again. I have never before thought that I needed a facial. That’s for women, but she convinced me to have one anyway promising that if it isn’t all that she said it would be I would have it for free.  What a deal!  So all it would cost was an hour of my time. And when I awoke from this journey I found that she wasn’t completely right. It was all she promised and more.  My skin felt like it hadn’t felt for years. I actually felt younger, rejuvenated, really cool. I will be back!”

– R.W. San Jose, CA

“I recently had an eyebrow and lip wax by Denise at 1240 Salon & Spa. I had never been to the salon before and walked in during my lunch hour. Denise was very accomodating and polite. What typically could be a painful experience turned out to be a relaxing one.  She used eyepads on my eyes and had very soothing music in the backround. I almost fell asleep! I can’t wait to have a facial!”

– J.T. San Jose, CA

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