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Work from Home

Step 1

Getting Started

Schedule your appointment


A client intake form will be emailed to you

Fill it out and send it back to me via email with your photos...

(Your face in four angles, no makeup, natural light) 

I will contact you once I receive your photos and prep you for Step 2 


Step 2

Virtual Consultation

 Once your products arrive a Virtual Consultation will be scheduled to go over your product routine and plan 


Skin Clearing Product Package cost$185-230+tax

Virtual Consultation:$105


Products arrive 2-3 days from purchase

-Free shipping 

-Shipping times may vary

 Product Packages generally last 2-3.5 months*

Facial Wash

Step 3

Follow Up Virtual Visits


To ensure that you are experiencing the best outcome for your skin and proper use of your products, two weeks after your Virtual Consultation we'll start your follow up Virtual Visits and continue them every two weeks for 2-5 months**  

Follow Up Virtual Visit cost:$45



Virtual Acne Clearing Program




We will schedule your virtual appointments every two weeks for 15-30 minutes ($45) to discuss your progress, make adjustments to your home care routine, discuss dietary, lifestyle and other issues that affect acne.  


For the first two months (every two weeks) I will be adjusting how you use your products based on your progress. These discussions are important to stay on top of any issues that may be holding back from getting clear.


You will need to send me your progress face photos before each virtual appointments so that I can make the necessary recommendations. After 4+ weeks on the program, and only after your skin has adjusted to your new routine, I’ll send you a Home Peel/Facial Kit ($35+tax) that you will incorporate into your routine. 





~ * Your full sized products, when used properly, will give you 2-3.5. months of use. You will need to replace products when you run out.  You will need to be sure that you don’t run out of products because missing a day or two can affect your skin and allow new acne lesions to begin to form again.

~ **  The average timeline for a virtual client to achieve clear skin is approximately 2-5 months. Everyone is different, with different types of acne and skin types.  Some types of acne, like non-inflamed can take longer and require stronger products and treatments.

Products must be used twice a day, everyday! You will receive 6 full-sized products that will include a cleanser, toner, treatment serum(s), acne gel BPO, moisturizer or hydrator and sunscreen. You will also receive an ice pack to ice your pimples if you have inflamed acne.

Facts To Consider 

~ You will have me as you personal acne coach. I’m a Nationally recognized Acne Specialist. I have cleared hundreds of clients in my two locations in California and also virtually throughout the nation. I have a 95% success rate in clearing clients who commit to the program and make the necessary changes recommended. 


~ We have over 24 products in our clinical grade line to customize your acne program. There are different types of acne and different ingredients to treat acne. This is what makes our program successful for the long term.  All of your skin issues will be considered, your skin type, skin condition, sensitives and lifestyle when deciding the best protocol for you.


~ If you’ve started your acne program during the stay at home order( covid19), when the order is lifted and I reopen my locations in Campbell or Santa Maria we will schedule you for an in-office treatment. 


~ This is not an automated robotic acne system like many others available online where you enter brief information or fill out a short form about your skin. You will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance throughout your entire program and beyond.

~ You can get clear skin even if you don’t receive in-house treatments from me but it will take a bit longer


~ There is no cure for acne. Acne is a disease of the skin that can only be managed. With this program you will learn what triggers you're acne and what you need to do to achieve clear skin. If you eat an unhealthy diet, changes will need to be made. 


~ I offer a whole body approach to clearing acne. Issues like hormones, products, lifestyle, medication, diet and stress can contribute to acne. 

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